Acrylic Ellipsoids

There are many unique shapes and sizes for that special application. Our specially developed technologies and unique machinery enable us to manufacture virtually seamless diffusers.  They have High Impact strength and come in a variety of different colors. Competitively priced, our diffusers are an excellent choice to use with both new lighting fixtures and as replacements.

Lead time on these items is 2 to 4 weeks3
There is 30%
restocking charge on standard items.
Items that have custom openings are NOT RETURNABLE.

* Available in both UV-Resistant Acrylic
Many sizes and styles are available.
Acrylic Ellipsoids
 Fabricated Two Piece
2 piece ellipsoids will have a seam at the equator.  A reinforcement
ring will be used inside neckless openings of 5.25" - 8.00".  Some modifications available upon request.
Acrylic Ellipsoids Fabricated 2 Piece


Item No. Color Height Diameter

1 - 9 


67100-CL Clear 8.00" 16.00" $116.30 $105.60
67100-WH White 8.00" 16.00" $116.30 $105.60
67100-BR Bronze 8.00" 16.00" email or call for price
67200-CL Clear 11.00" 22.00" $171.60 $158.40
67200-WH White 11.00" 22.00" $171.60 $158.40
67200-BR Bronze 11.00" 22.00" email or call for price
67300-CL Clear 13.00" 26.00" $349.80 $327.80
67300-WH White 13.00" 26.00" $349.80 $327.80
67300-BR Bronze 13.00" 26.00" email or call for price
67400-CL Clear 17.00" 34.00" $506.00 $484.00
67400-WH White 17.00" 34.00" $506.00 $484.00
67400-BR Bronze 17.00" 34.00"

email or call for price

Note: These opening sizes are nominal.
The minimum opening is 5.25".

See ACCESSORIES section for all optional attachments.





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